Punjabi Portraits (2016)

The following little video has been created in 2015/2016. During my 3-months internship in Islamabad, Pakistan, I captured a lot of footage. On the weekends, I travelled to visit my friends and wandered through the streets of Lahore and took little videos every now and then. My work was also connected to a lot of travels to different Universities in the Pakistani Punjab and offered me the possiblity to not only get to know the people, but also to capture little glimpses into their lives with my camera. The editing was an intense procedure, that took me about two weeks after my arrival back in Germany.


Rebecca and Norbert (2016)

Rebecca and Norbert is a film about an encounter with beggars in a street in Münster, Germany. Breaking with common stereotypes, the movie explores “schnorren” not as a primarily financial but social activity. The protagonists explain their view on social interactions, belonging and the creation of a social space.

Rebecca and Norbert is a participatory film-project. Me and my friend Marleen spend many days to accompany the couple. We found out that begging, or "schnorren", as they call it, is not a simple passive activity to supply financial needs, but an active way to create a common space for social interaction. In this way, the film does not only describe the needs of the protagonists, but its creation also served as a medium of interaction.