What happens when a gracious, spiritual Hippie talks to a rational, sarcastic dick-head?

“Stranger Talks” is a cross-continental Podcast about weird experiences on the road. Marleen and Nils guide the audience through different encounters around the globe. Local drinks, exceptional people and finding an appropriate place for the big business are discussed from two people who are of different biographies but share the same interest: Explore the unknown and don’t care about your comfort. Lively, adventurous and bizarre, but never too serious.

Episode 6: Fire, Function and Fortune

Sometimes there are good reasons to set your own farm on fire. Sometimes it’s even good if your neighbours do it. Have you ever wondered how financial analysts are able to predict the future? Did you maybe even wonder if blindfolded monkeys could compete against them? We will tell you about the winner of this epic, ongoing battle in this episode.

Episode 5: Love it and Hate it

Seriously, how smart is it to visit the biggest human gathering on earth without planned accommodation? In the 5th episode of Stranger Talks we will discuss the misuse of people's beliefs, and how to catch a serious, long-lasting cough. You will learn a little about extinct animals and the power of rice.  Furthermore, we'll guide you through the dark-side of religious institutions and the great world of dish soap. Experience is everything!

Episode 4: Religion, Smoking and Drums

The second episode about smoking and religion takes us out to a place of intense beats and sweet scents. Can hash get you closer to God or is your mind just playing tricks on you? And how the hell is all this happening in the name of Islam? Judge yourself in our new episode of Stranger Talks.

Episode 3: Religion, Smoking and Reasoning

When meteorites and golden showers hit South Africa, something strange seems to be going on. The melodic language of a community whose sacred land is Ethiopia, will tell us about their very own way of reasoning. This first part of our twin Episodes about religion and smoking will take you out on a ride through magic forests and maybe the most peaceful road in South Africa.

Episode 2: Soldiers' Tango in No Man's Land

Borders are barriers. They are scaring and seperate people from each other. Is it possible to have a good atmosphere at a border post? And how does a human cock-fight choreography fit into this scenario? Besides discussing these topics, Nils chases the best lassi in the world and Marleen tells us about a true badass husteler: Her dad. Enjoy the road with Stranger Talks!

Episode 1: Passion, Gaps and Spirituality

Nils and Marleen talk about their experiences of religion from across the globe. Is religion shaping culture or is culture shaping religion? And who the hell is Santa Claus? Besides these important issues, there is also a lot of laughter about encounters with transgender people and an audio-experience from a Christian church in India! Enjoy the first episode.