We’ve got an Anthropology Podcast: Welcome to Stranger Talks!

Fun and Content

Yes, it is true. While there are many podcast out there and we are aware of it, we still thought our concept of "Stranger Talks" is an interesting addition to what is out there! Anthropology and travel combined in a cross-continental Podcast is something that you hardly find elsewhere! Marleen and Nils were working on recording a proper Podcast for a while. Much of this entailed negotiating the challenges of recording between two continents, in different time zones - until we finally found a method and workflow that works. We are happy that all the work paid off and we can finally present our first real episode! Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, our conversations explore some ideas about culture, travel and the wonderful weirdness of life.

But that is not everything. Our website also got a little design update and we are planning to upload a new episode of Stranger Talks fortnightly (every two weeks). In fact we are making it a little interesting and aim at publishing in synch with the lunar calendar: before full moon and new moon! We hope you enjoy this first Christmas episode and check out what will be up on 6th of January. You'll find our Podcasts here and also in the fortnightly posts. Hell, we even made it on to Spotify and Itunes! Along with our weekly Saturday(ish) Blogposts, we will offer a lot of content to you in the future. If you want to get a monthly summary, you can also subscribe to our Newsletter. But now: Have fun listening!

Episode 1: Passion, Gaps and Spirituality

Nils and Marleen talk about their experiences of religion from across the globe. Is religion shaping culture or is culture shaping religion? And who the hell is Santa Claus? Besides these important issues, there is also a lot of laughter about some interesting encounters with transgender people and an audio-experience from a Christian church in India! Enjoy the first episode.

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Great 1. episode of this podcast –
Mum enjoyed IT.

Even if I did not really understand everything, thank you Marleen and Nils for sharing your stories, experiences and views……