Podcast Episode 3: Religion, Smoking and Reasoning

Episode 3: Religion, Smoking and Reasoning

When meteorites and golden showers hit South Africa, something strange seems to be going on. The melodic language of a community whose sacred land is Ethiopia, will tell us about their very own way of reasoning. This first part of our twin Episodes about religion and smoking will take you out on a ride through magic forests and maybe the most peaceful road in South Africa.

Extra feature: Which design do you like better?

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Inge Maria Walton
Inge Maria Walton

Amazing episode guys love the details and little sound clips adds such depth to it all. Looking forward to part 2!


Thank you so much for following us and giving feedback. Yes! We are trying to improve the quality. And recordings from the field should become a major feature of our Podcast. Next episode, there will be a lot of rythmic drums music 🙂

Inge Maria Walton
Inge Maria Walton

Considering my heritage and connection to the land, wearing dreads and using the sacred herb has only ever opened doors. Visiting our local Rasta community, I experienced an amazing acceptance in a place I would previously been seen as an outcast. I had been growing my lock for about 4 years by that point. Long and blond, but sister Sharon invited me into her humble home for tea and many reasonings! Even though I don’t consider myself a orthodox Rasta it is by far the lifestyle I resonate with the strongest. Eating mainly vegetarian and avoiding alcohol. A peaceful and… Read more »


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