Podcast Episode 2: Soldiers’ Tango in No Man’s Land

Episode 2: Soldiers' Tango in Noman's Land

Borders are barriers. They are scaring and seperate people from each other. Is it possible to have a good atmosphere at a border post? And how does a human cock-fight choreography fit into this scenario? Besides discussing these topics, Nils chases the best lassi in the world and Marleen tells us about a true badass husteler: Her dad. Enjoy the road with Stranger Talks!

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Rehan Chaudhary
Rehan Chaudhary

must say that’s its a really unique take on the pak-ind border ceremony that i have heard after such a long time. especially the comments about those “saffaron parakeets” doing tango. really interesting. looking forward to more. way to go guys. however would prefer videos. even if you guys are just sitting and talking