About the Blog

Wherever you meet strangers, they also meet one.

Strangeness is not only what I see in others. Discovering a stranger also means discovering myself. When I spend time to dive into another culture, I also see myself in the mirror of the stranger's eyes. I see the stranger I am.

This blog tells stories of these strange feelings. You may not find the best restaurant in Delhi here, but maybe you will find something meaningful. I will take you to places which you will find in no other itinerary, because they are far from the comfort zone. I will never take you to backpacker hostels, but I will show you locals' homes. I will not tell you how amazing everything is, but let you witness struggle. I will confront you with misunderstandings, real feelings and I will question what you take for granted.

Whatever you think about yourself, it will always become stranger on the road.

About the Author

I am a camel-lover, anthropology-student, author, photographer, actor and so much more that I even do not know yet. Most importantly, I am an optimist about life.

Currently, I am working on my Anthropology M.A. thesis, exploring the culture of India. I live with the Balmiki community and enjoy the simple life.

I like to travel slow or stay and embrace whatever I find. But I also love the road without a destination, hitch-hiking, wandering around and letting adventures happen.