About the Blog

Wherever you meet strangers, they also meet one.

Strangeness is not only what we see in others. Discovering a stranger also means discovering one's self. When we spend time to dive into another culture, we also see ourselves in the mirror of the stranger's eyes. We see the strangers we are.

This blog tells stories of these strange feelings, experiences and encounters. You may not find the best restaurant in Paris here, but maybe you will find something meaningful. We will take you to places which you will find in no other itinerary, because they are often far removed from the comfort zone. We will hardly take you to backpacker hostels, but show you locals' homes and our tents. We will not tell you how amazing everything is, but let you witness struggle. We will confront you with misunderstandings, real feelings and encourage you to question what you take for granted.

Whatever we think about ourselves, it will always become stranger on the road.

About Nils

Nils is a camel-lover, anthropology-student, author, photographer, actor and so much more that he even doesn't know yet. Most importantly, he is an optimist about life.

He has explored the issue of social mobility in India and is currently conquering the world with his laptop and camera.

He likes to travel slow or stay and embrace whatever he finds. But he also loves the road without a destination, hitch-hiking, wandering around and letting adventures happen.

About Marleen

Marleen loves to go out and embrace the world. She is a goodhearted traveler who claims to have no roots. Being a magnet for extraordinary encounters, Marleen always believes in humanity.

You will find Marleen on road trips (never without a wheel or engine incident), bus rides through the Himalayas and in deep talks with fortune tellers.